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Sheffield School of architecture

6th Year Thesis Project

The Institute of Making Homes

Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

The Institute of Making Homes provides a radical solution to the housing crisis. Building upon and rooting within the making culture and strong community spirit of the people and place of Burslem. Driving innovation, encouraging collaboration and facilitating community involvement in the research and testing of improved strategies and methodologies for the design, manufacture and construction of homes. Reconnecting the town through the reintegration of redundant pottery sites, and engaging the community in their redevelopment. The institute connects into and repairs an existing urban block adjacent to the town centre, considering architecture as layers of change and reuse.

Sheffield School of architecture

5th Year Project - joint with Tom Hattan

Recharge Service Station

A1, Retford

A celebration of clean energy and a future of sustainable transport. By 2028, 70% of cars will be electric.

Recharge Service Station acts as the core within a revitalised electric road network and a hub for a range of electric transport types. Routes through the building connect levels, and branch out into the landscape. The bypassed market town of Retford is reconnected to the future.

A beacon on the A1, an attractive rest spot and an exciting destination, Recharging become a highlight of the driving experience.



Manchester School of Architecture

Continuity in Architecture Atelier

Home Tracks: Youth Hostel & Brewery

Creating an animated and lively public square at Oxford Road Station, the brewery youth hostel forming the centrepiece to the area. Providing unique local beer to local pubs and bars; and a unique affordable place to stay for visitors to the universities and city. An integration with and extension from The Salisbury Public House.



Second Year Project: Levenshulme Repair Mile

First Year Projects: Capuchin Monkey Observation, Education, Interaction and Selection Centre

Cardboard Domes structures project



Monty Edward Dobney







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